Metrodle FAQs

I can see some lines coloured in before I make guesses

Yes! London Overground and the DLR are currently not included in the game but are shown on the map. This means that you can see them already coloured when you play the day's puzzle.

Why aren't London Overground or The Docklands Light Railway in the game?

London Overground and the DLR are not as well known as the main underground network. For this reason many people find guessing stations on those lines for too difficult!

What about The Elizabeth Line?

The Elizabeth Line is coming. It is on the map and appears just like the DLR and London Overground.

What do the green squares mean when I share my result?

The green square means that you guessed a station on the same line as the station you are trying to find. Black squares mean that you guessed a station that is on a different line from the one you are trying to find.

The number of stops from the destination seems wrong

Sometimes the target station may be a certain number of stops away in real terms, but the game shows fewer stops. This is because you can get there in fewer stops but that may not be the most sensible route.
For example: West Hampstead to Neasden would normally be 4 stops on the Jubilee Line. However, Metrodle says 3 stops. This is because you can go from West Hampstead to Finchley Road, change for the Metropolitan Line, go 1 stop to Wembley Park, change back to the Jubilee Line and then travel 1 stop back to Neasden.

Why does the map on my tube app look different from the map in Metrodle?

The map of the London Underground is changed often and sometimes stations are moved slightly due to changes in walking connections or step free access. The map in Metrodle is accurate as of 25th April 2022.

How does the Leaderboard work?

Each time you complete a puzzle, you will get a score based on how well you did. The score is derived from how many guesses it took you and how many stops away each guess was. Your score on the Leaderboard will go down each day, so the only way to keep your position is to keep playing!

How come my friend has the same Leaderboard rank as me?

The leaderboard rankings keep changing during day, so you may find that your rank has changed just minutes after you've looked at it. As soon as you've posted a score, the leaderboard rank is estimated. A more accurate ranking will be available later in the day.